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About Comic Strip Live Comedy Club

Comic Strip Live was born on a Monday night in May of 1975 by Richard Tienken, John McGowan and Robert Wachs. We found the original and current location the very next day.

Originally the Comic Strip featured comics, singers, magicians and novelty acts. We soon realized that stand up comedy was the only way to go and we've been a comedy Showcase club ever since. New York Magazine calls Comic Strip Live "the most expertly booked club in the city."

Our first big star was box office legend Eddie Murphy. The first time Eddie came into the club, he was only 18 and had a little too much attitude. A few days later, he apologized and we gave him a shot. Saturday Night Live soon followed and the rest is show biz history. Eddie in turn discovered Chris Rock at The Comic Strip one night. Rolling Stone magazine recently described Rock's career as "ballistic." Like so many acts, television Superstar Jerry Seinfeld worked for many years at the Comic Strip. Everybody called Seinfeld "Doctor Comedy" because there wasn't a bit Jerry couldn't fix. Paul Reiser was asked by a fellow Comic Strip performer to accompany him to a film audition. The Director asked Paul if he wanted to read for the part as well. He did and got the part! That film was "Diner" and it launched Paul's illustrious career.

More major stars have started their careers at the Comic Strip than any other venue in the world. Some legendary examples include: Adam Sandler, Carol Leifer, the late Dennis Wolfberg, Colin Quinn, Susie Essman, Jimmy Brogan, Joe Bolster, Nancy Parker, Larry Miller, Rich Hall, Liz Winstead, Walli Collins, Angel Salazar, Sarah Silverman, Jim Breuer, Caroline Rhea, John Henson, Phil Nee, Joe Vega, Ian Bagg, John Bush, Red Johnny and the Round Guy, Judy Gold, William Stephenson, Kelly Dixon, Chris Kis, J.R. Havlan, Louis CK, John Ridley, Chris Arcudi, D.C. Benny, Starla Muraz, DF Sweedler and many, many more!