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New Talent Show

New Talent Show






For over 30 years, Comic Strip Live has been where new talent has been discovered… like Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Jerry Seinfeld, Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, and Ray Romano. Now you can be part of it too by joining our New Talent Showcase!

Every Saturday at 5pm: $15 cover + 2 items minimum (Audience welcome!)

What You Get

  • Evaluation by talent booker

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Testimonials & Press

DF Sweedler as featured in the New York Times! – A Comedian For Life 

“The new talent show at Comic Strip Live is the most fun show to attend or perform at in the city. Perfect for new comics, the audience is consistently large, welcoming and generous with laughter. The combination of newly trained comics interspersed with experienced comedians makes for a fantastic show that is a great time for everyone in the room time and time again.”
Marc Gerber

“I have been performing at DF Sweedler’s New Talent Showcase at the world famous Comic Strip Live for the last several years. It has been an excellent opportunity to get quality stage time in one of the most prestigious comedy clubs in the country. With a mix of both professional and new talent the shows are always very well run under the guidance of veteran comic DF Sweedler. The New Talent Showcase is a great opportunity for comics of all levels to make a quality tape, try out new material or get started in the field of stand-up comedy.”
Christine Boudreau

“I was always funny around friends and family, but when I first took the stage at DF Sweedler’s new talent show at Comic Strip Live, I had no idea what I was doing. I quickly realized how much more difficult it was to be funny on stage than off stage. DF’s new talent show gave me the opportunity to develop my material in front of an energetic and supportive audience. Four years later- I’m a paid performer at the club. If your dream is to be as funny in front of strangers as you are in front of your friends, I advise you to perform on Mr. Sweedler’s show. The Comic Strip family is something very special to be a part of.”
Eric Neumann

“I continue to get positive feedback from my guests who attended Saturdays show. I don’t wan’t to get sappy but I’m still amazed by the feelings I had when people laughed at my jokes. I had no idea what to expect and there are few things I’ve done in my life where the result exceeded my expectations more than that performance Saturday. The only thing I can compare it to was crossing the finish line at my first of 13 marathons. Thanks again, you and the Comic Strip Live provided us with an unforgettable experience.”
Peter Daly

“The New Talent Show at Comic Strip Live changed my life. I’d just moved to NYC and had always wanted to be a comedian. After taking the comedy class at the Strip, taught by master joke writer DF Sweedler, I finally had the chance to test my mettle on stage. That night turned into many more appearances on The New Talent Show and eventually into a 10-year plus – and growing! – career in entertainment. It’s the best opportunity in town to get excellent stage time, meet new people, and see the comedy world from the inside; all the while rubbing elbows with the professionals as well as other ambitious new comedians who are also working hard each week to improve.”
Josh Hyman

Show Times

Monday to Thursday 8.00 PM
Friday & Saturday 8.00 PM & 10.30 PM
Sunday 8.00 PM
Gladys Open Mics: Wednesday / Friday 6.00 PM
DF Open Mic/Workshop: Tuesday 6.00 PM
New Talent Show: Saturday 5.00 PM
Comedy Classes: Monday 5.45 PM

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